Thursday, 20 June 2013

my info report

cheetahs are the most awesomest animal in the world (well at least to me) down below is going to be all about cheetahs.

cheetahs can be mixed up with leopards but the only thing that is different is that the cheetah has this thing that looks like a black teardrop. the cheetah has black spots all over their body.

cheetahs usually live in africa in the grasslands, the reason why they live in the grasslands is so then they can sneak up on their prey. the grasslands are made up of grass, dirt and trees.

are they endangered 
yes cheetahs are endangered the reason why they are endangered is because people are cutting down their habitats. the other reason is people kill them for their skin/fur.

so have you enjoyed learning about the awesome cheetahs.

by hannah

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