Friday, 30 August 2013

How to make a tote tray\ pencil holder

If you follow these instruction you will have a awesome tote tray\ pencil holder.

What you need:
- a wine box 
- blue tray x3
- magazine pages x6
- match sticks x200
- ribbon 
- paint (what ever colour you want)
- scissors 
- plastics pottles x2
- paint brushes 


1) Get your wine box and cut off the bottom flap.

2) Then glue on match sticks to the top of the box.

3) Then glue on the ribbon to the side and all around to the front but once you are at the front stop so you can tie a bow.

4) After that you will need to get your six magazine pages and roll each one  until you have six rolled up pages. After glue the rolled up magazines so it won't unroll.

5) Now go Inside your wine box and glue three rolls of magazine on each side but make sure there is room for a tray to slide in and out.

6) then go and get your trays and glue some match sticks on the front of the trays nice and close together.

7) now carefully glue the two pottles to the top. So there are pencil holders.

8) once all of that has dried go and get your paint and paintbrushes and paint it how ever you want.

You may now do anything you want to spice it up. Hope you enjoy.

Ps. Beware that if you burn yourself you should run it under cold water 

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