Friday, 9 May 2014


At school my reading goal is make a conclusion or assumption.
We had three questions we had to answer to prove we know our goal.
We read a book and here are the q&a's 
Q. Write sentences explaining what Alison is like as a person.
A.1. I think Alison is brave because she didn't panic when she walked threw the gun rooms.
A.2. I think Alison is a smart person because she knew the way out of the big dark gun rooms. 
Q. Write sentences explaining what mike is like as a person.
A.1. I think mike is a untrustworthy person because he didn't look after Alison (his sister).
A.2. I think mike is cheeky because he didn't reply to Alison.

Q.what conclusion can you make about this story eg what does Alison think about adventuring in dark places.
A. I think like it at first but I think she might do it again. 

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  1. You can make a conclusion and an assumption very good. I think you have proven that you can do your goal perfectly, you couldn't of done it any better.
    Keep up the great work!!!
    Beth :)