Monday, 29 June 2015

Distinction Evidence Peer Mediation

Today at peer mediation we had a lot of problems.
I made sure that I turned up on time and the other girls too.
The first problem was that a little girl was blocking up the slide so that no one could go down the slide.
What I did to solve that problem was is tell the little girl to hop down and then she decided to play somewhere else.
The second problem was that when some people were playing duck duck goose someone was being silly by ducking down and jumping over others.
What they did to solve the problem was apologize and play something different as when we said keep away from each other they said no!
We also had a few more problems like someone did not want to pay mums and dads and other little things like that.
It was good as I did not need to remind the other girls as they had remembered.
This means that all those days I have reminded them they have actually remembered.
Peer Mediation was good because we managed to sort all off those problems.

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