Thursday, 15 October 2015

How My Goals Are Going Term 4

How my goals are going 

My goals....
-To be in group activities

I am doing well on this goal because I am doing a lot of different things like Peer Mediation, Pals, Librarian, Radio Station, Choir, Kapa Haka and Student Council.
-To improve in maths 
I am doing well on this goal because I have just moved onto algebra.
-To be a good role model 
I think I am being a good role model because I using my care values out in the playground and also in class.
My next step is to keep going to all my responsibilities and to keep being a good role model.

1 comment:

  1. Well done Hannah, you are getting good at broadening your goals and setting yourself little challenges to breakdown that goal into manageable steps. I am impressed with the extra effort you have put into activities like netball, cross country, and guitar this year and look at what you have achieved. Your Math has also progressed in leaps in bounds, and all that struggle and perseverance is worth it in the end. Just keep on keeping on.