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Oaklands 50th Jubilee

Oaklands 50th Jubilee

On the 24th, 25th and the 26th of October Oaklands had their 50th jubilee. To open it on the Saturday the senior Kapa Haka performed two songs.
Then followed by the planting of a kowhai tree by Mrs  Hanson(BOT), Isabella(Head Girl), Daniel(Head Boy) and Mr John Warburton( One of the first teachers).

What will Oaklands School be like in another 50 years,
In 2064 Oaklands will be 100 years old.
Here are some of the questions I have.
Will all the work be done on an Ipad, Ipod, Computer.etc?
Will Oaklands still have the same uniform or will it be different or even mufti?
How many children will we have at our school will it be more or will it be less?

What Oaklands is like now,
At Oaklands we have approximatley 580 students, 25 classes and 27 teachers.
We write in books but for research we use an Ipad, Ipod and Computers.
Our uniform is a red polo shirt we have the option of green track-pants, shorts or cullottes and a green jersey. The year seven and eights have recently changed the top and jacket they now wear a red and green top with the oaklands logo and a red sport style jacket.

What was Oaklands like 50 years ago.
Oaklands schools uniform 50 years ago the girls wore a green gym frock with the old oaklands logo and a white blouse underneath.
The boys wore a white  shirt with a red tie and green shorts.
They had approximatley 240 students, 9 teachers and 7 classes. 

The names of all the teachers,
Mr.M.Mcseveny, Mrs.W.A.Kamo, Miss.J.Kellaway, Mr.J.A.C.Warburton, Mrs.H.M.Paniora, Mr.D.J.Duke,
Mr.A.Anderson, Miss.K.Morrel and Mr.M.W.Reid.

Oaklands had a great 50 jubilee and I hope I can go to the 100th one.
By Hannah.

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