Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wonder Prequel

WALT.... Use punctuation correctly in my writing.

Hi my name is August and I am turning six years old.
For my birthday I got a Nerf gun, I have always wanted one.I also got $50 I can't wait to get some star wars toys. Tonight mum, dad, via and are going  out to a fancy restaurant.

"It's time to go honey" said mum, as she was rushing out the door. 

Via was wearing a cool dress that she got from the mall, it was white with pink polka dots.

As we park up at the restaurant i see a red and white striped flag with a dragon on it.
The restaurant looks like a fancy castle; it is red and black the window are so cool; they look like they have been stained with black and red dragons.

We get seated at our table, I look at the menu. I order some sort of fried rice, with a side of vegetables.

Our food finally arrives. I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself.
I take my spoon and start to eat my vegetables. As I eat I can see everyone is staring at me. I feel embarrassed. I actually see some family leaving because they are so disturbed. I decide that I would just forget about them and start to eat my rice.

All of a sudden my face starts to blow up like someone is pumping air into me. Mum is really scared, she picks me up and runs me to the car. Dad is shaking with fear and via is crying. The whole restaurant is silent in shock.

While we are in the car my skin starts to turn all bumpy. " uh oh this can't be good" I said.

We arrive at the hospital and mum takes me immediately to see a nurse. She injects some sort of medicine to make me sleepy.

I wake up, mum looks at me and says "how do you feel" 
"Fine thanks" I say.
"The doctor said that you will be fine just a bit sleepy" says mum
"What happened to me"
"You had a allergic reaction to the cashews In the rice" mum says.

We finally get home via is so happy I am home.

"What a 6th birthday" says dad

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