Thursday, 12 March 2015

Merit Evidenece Student Council

Today was the first day of student council, I was so excited to be in student council again as I did last year and was secretary and loved it.

First of all if you were wondering what student council is. It is basically 2 people from each class get chosen and they attend a meeting usually every fortnight. They are responsible for keeping their class up to date with what is happening and upcoming events. They will also have to report to their buddy class.  

What things does student council talk about?
We talk about fundraising ideas for different types of places eg. SPCA. 
We take in ideas from a proposal sheet all students fill in if they want to contribute their ideas to the student council. We sometimes get asked about our thoughts towards a certain idea around the school. 

My highlight from last year was getting to start the radio station up which gave me a great opportunity to speak on the radio with other students.

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