Monday, 8 June 2015

Excellence Evidence Can Do Helping out around the school

On Thursday the year 7 and 8's had a re-launch.
I was lucky enough to get asked to help hand out the food and be there to answer questions and show the parents around the new spaces.
The first thing we did was listen to a yr 8 bless the food in maori and then we walked around handing out the food.
Lot's of people were nervous to try some things as they looked weird but then we told them what was in it and they had a go they then said it was delicious and went back for more. After we had eaten the food we went into the boys class and 3 yr 7s and 1 yr 8 spoke about their time in the classes and how it was different from other years.
After all of that was done we showed the parents around all the spaces.
I think it was good to see a lot of parents there and it was a great night.

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