Thursday, 6 August 2015

Distinction Evidence Guitar With Mr M

Yesterday I had guitar with Mr M.

As part of my responsibilities I made sure I turned up on time, and had everything I needed.  The first thing we all did was tune our guitars.  Then we sat down at the music stands and got ready for our lesson.
The first song we played was the 12 bar blues. This song is really easy to play as it only uses a few cords.
We then played Hallelujah, Hallelujah is very easy now as I have been practicing it a lot lately.

We then learnt a new song.  This song was fun because Mr M said that we can play it in front of the whole school once we have mastered it. That is an exciting goal, and makes me want to practice it, as its great when we can show off our skills.

We also played Nga Iwi E, this is a song we have been practicing a lot lately.  I really enjoy playing this song as it is an upbeat song and you can get into it.

I also demonstrated my care value by being respectful to Mr M and the rest of my group.  I also encouraged some of my fellow friends to keep trying when they got frustrated with parts of the song they were trying to play.

I think I need to practice another new song we are paying because we have only just started learning it and I am not very confident on the switches.

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