Monday, 10 August 2015

Distinction Evidence Choir

On Friday I had choir.

I made sure I came to school really early so that I would not be late for choir.
The first thing we did was warm up our voices, we did this thing where you say 12345678 and then turn and say it again and then you basically count down from 8, we also did this thing where you say all of these different number and we clap on the number 5.

The first song we sang was out of the music festival book.
I am really looking forward to the music festival because we are getting really good at some of the songs like this little light of mine, the Mexican wave and the national anthem because we sing this song a lot like at the assemblies.

I showed my care values by turning up on time and not talking when Mr M or Miss H was talking.
I reminded some people about choir because I think they had forgotten about it.
I also made sure I brought all the things I needed like my choir book.
I was being a great role model by listening and only talking when we are allowed.

I did not go to Kapa Haka because I had something else I need to attend to.

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