Monday, 10 August 2015

Distinction Evidence Student Council

On Thursday I had student council.

It was good because Mrs Trotter came so everyone was acting better then they do when she is not here.
The first thing we did was check to see who is here and who is not. After that we organised the agenda for what we would talk about today.
We had...
-Toy Donation
-Football Nets
-Equipment Bins
We first talked about the toy donation, we decided that Ryan would find us some further information about this topic.

After that we talked a bit about the football nets we noticed that one of the football nets are up but the other is not. Someone said that they can put it up and they can also put up the little ones for the Kakano team.

So we then talked about the attendance because we had noticed that some people were not turning up, it was two classes in particular. We then said that we would need new representatives from those two classes.
And also we were talking about that we should not remind the other people to turn up because it is their responsibility to turn up.

We talked about how sometimes the senior kids want some different types of equipment not just balls.
We then came up with that we should have these buckets full of some equipment like cricket bats and tennis balls, those sorts of things.

Overall Student council went well because everyone was behaving and we talked about a lot.

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