Monday, 10 August 2015

Peer Mediation

Today I had Peer Mediation.
Today I had to do peer mediation all lunch because I was covering for Sam L who had something important to attend to.

First half of lunch 

For the first half of lunch I went with Jack W and Polly. We only had a few problems they were that someone was saying they pushed someone else over.
What they decided to do is apologize and go and play with different friends.
Another problem was that somebody's  ball went on the field and because the field was closed unfortunately they could not go and get it so they went and got another ball from the ball bin.
Overall the first half of lunch was good we had no real problems.

Second half of lunch

For the second half of lunch I went with Poppy and Jessica. We had a few problems but nothing to serious.
The first problem was that some boys were running through the bushes. What we did to fix that was politely say to them not to do that and to go and play somewhere else.
Another problem we had was that apparently a little girl was yelling at the other girl so they decided to start pushing each other.
What was good about this problem is that they both agreed that is was a silly idea to push each other so they then decided to go and play another fun game on the playground.
Overall the second half went very well because everyone was agreeing with what we said and they were being respectful.

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