Monday, 17 August 2015

Guitar with Mr M

On Tuesday I had guitar with Mr M.

I made sure I turned up on time and had everything I need. The first thing we did was tune our guitar and then we sat down at the music stand and got ready for our lesson.

The first song we played was Hallelujah as I have said many times I am getting AMAZING at this song as it is one of the songs I play like everyday. Then we played I'm A Believer. When we first started playing this song I was not that good at it, but after practicing a lot I am now very good at it.
So then Mr M said that at music on Wednesday we would have to play I'm A Believer.
So we then moaned at Mr M because we did not want to do it but after a bit of convincing we came around to the idea.

I was showing my care values by not talking when Mr M is and contributing to the song even if I don't think I can ply it.
I think the songs I need to practice are I'm A Believer and Hallelujah.
The reason why I think I need to practice I'm A Believer because I think I can play it a lot better and the reason why I think I need to practice Hallelujah is because practice, practice, practice makes perfect.

So on Wednesday we came really early to practice the song so that when we do it in front of the class  we won't muck up.

Overall Guitar went really well as I got to play Hallelujah in front of the class and we aced it.

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