Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Distinction Evidence Student Council

Last week we had student council.

Because Mrs Trotter was away Ryan had to run the meeting by himself.
It was a shame because we did not get basically anything done because everyone was being silly.

The only thing we really talked about was the Toy Donation. Below are the condition and some information about what the toys need to be like.....
-The toy needs to be in great condition
-It needs to be washed and has to have no stains
-It needs to be Love-able???
 -You have to think if other kids are going to like it so not silly toys.
This is what we thought all the toys need to be like.

I participated fully because I was contributing as much as I could. I was also taking the notes in student council because I am the secretary.
I encouraged others to stop being silly and to participate in student council.
I was also being a great role model because I was not being silly and I was listening to the person who was speaking.

I encouraged others to use their CARE values so that they were being a bit more respectful.

Overall I think student council did not go very well because most people were being very silly but I make sure I personally was being respectful.

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