Saturday, 22 August 2015

Distinction Evidence- Must Do- On the Bus at Tech

On Tuesday we had Tech,
I was really excited for Tech because we were moving into our new groups.

On the bus I made sure I sat three to a seat and that I was only talking to the people next to me.
I was also making sure I was not talking loud because if I talked to loud the bus would get very noisy.

When we got to Tech we walked over to the Textiles room. The first thing we did was get an introduction on textiles, we learnt about all the safety rules and we also talked about what we would be doing for the next 7-8 weeks.

We then got to learn how to thread a sewing machine. At first I found this very hard but then after Jordan showed me how to do it I became really good. Mrs Patterson then said to us that after morning tea we would be having a race to see who could thread a sewing machine the fastest.

At morning tea I made sure I ate my morning tea inside first and then went out side to play. I played a cool game on the playground with a few of my friends. I made sure I was getting involved at morning tea by not just standing around and talking.

After morning tea we did the race it was very fun. After the race we got the learn how to put the bobbin on the sewing machine. Xanthe and I went and got an Ipad and watched the video on how to do it. When I first watched the video it made absolutely no sense at all, but after Xanthe taught me how to do it I found it really easy.

Once we had done everything to our sewing machine eg. Threading it and putting the bobbin on, we got to start sewing straight lines on pieces of fabric. Because I had found sewing straight lines really easy, I decided to make a really small bag out of fabric.

On the way back I made sure I was only talking to the person next to me and to keep my voice level down so that the bus ride was not to noisy.

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