Monday, 3 August 2015

Distinction Evidence Kapa Haka and Choir

Kapa Haka 

On Friday we had kapa haka. I made sure I turned up on time because if I did not then I would miss out on something and would not know what we are doing. The first song we went over was our new school song and then we got to make up some actions for it. Matua Rihari said that this was a very fun song so he wanted us to come up with some of the actions. Some of the actions are very funny. I made sure I showed respect to Matua Rihari by when he was talking I was not. I  reminded some younger students to be respectful because they were being a bit silly.
After kapa haka had finished the year 8's and some of the year 7's practiced they long poi. As the year 7's aren't doing the long poi this year we thought it was a good idea to start practicing as it can be quite difficult.


At choir the first thing we did was warm our voices up because then we would be able to sing better and we would sound better. First we sang some songs out of the music festival booklet we sang Poi E, This little light of mine and a few others. I think I am almost ready for the music festival which is coming up soon.
Miss H then showed us all this song on the TV. It looked a bit hard as apparently it was not any language it was just random words put together. The was also some recorder and drum playing and Miss H said we could even do that.

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