Thursday, 30 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Guitar with Mr M

On Tuesday I went to guitar with Jackie and Monique.

When we first got there we tuned our guitars and talked to Mr M.

The first song we played was Nga Iwi E , Nga Iwi E is very easy as we having been basically playing it since we started doing guitar. 
We then talked a bit about Hallelujah as we have been learning it. We also played it a few times. I can play Hallelujah very well now because I have been practicing it a lot.
Mr M said all I have to work on it this new little bit that is in the song.

After a little break we played the 12 Bar Blues.
The 12 Bar Blue's are extremely easy as we have also been practicing them a lot.

We then talked to Mr M for a bit and then went back to class.

Overall that practice went well because we got to practice Hallelujah a lot of times.

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