Thursday, 30 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Must Do At Tech and On The Bus

On Tuesday I had Tech.
Because our bus a bit late we had to wait on the footpath next to the car park in a single file line so that other parents could get threw.
On the way there I sat next to Monique, we made sure that we were not talking loud, because once one person starts talking loud other can't hear their friends so they then talk louder its not their fault it just can get a bit out of hand.
As we got off the bus I thanked the bus driver as I normally do.

I took off my bag and went and sat down at my desk in science.
Mr Roozen said we would be learning about electricity and that sort of things.
We all got a Brain Box, at first I thought it would be a bit boring but after I made a few things I found it quite fun. The first thing I made was a fan and then I made this thing that makes a fire engine noise when I press on this touch pad. Shannon then made a radio so Xnathe and I decided to make it we then went outside and we got quite a few different radio station like The Breeze and More FM.

At morning tea Taylor and I played on the playground for a bit and then we went over the field and by the class rooms we then found a ginger cat. A teacher told us that he was the schools cat. We were then wondering why we don't have a school cat.

When the bell went for the end of morning tea we went back to class and continued playing with the brain box.
When it was time to go we packed up and went on the bus.

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