Thursday, 30 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Peer Mediation

On Monday I had Peer Mediation.
I made sure I turned up on time as if I don't then I will not be doing my job.
The people that are supposed to do peer mediation with me were late which is a bit annoying because I am always chasing them up about turning up.

The first problem was that a little boy wanted his mum so what I did was help him find some friends to play with. Once I had found him some friends he decided to play with them for the rest of lunch.
The next problem was that a boy shoved another boy over. They decided that they would apologize and play with someone else. Then I found the little girl and it was her first day and she was very nervous so I decided to try and find her some friends for her to play with. I found some girls playing in the sandpit so I asked them nicely if this girl could play with them the all said yes so she played with them and she looked like she was having a great lunch.

Overall I had a lot of problems but I managed to sort them all.

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