Thursday, 30 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Student Council

On Thursday we had Student Council. Because Ryan was a bit late Meadow and I started off the meeting.
After Ryan came he then took over the meeting.
As there was no teacher at the meeting a lot of people were being silly. Which then made it hard to explain about what we need to talk about.

The first thing we tried to talk about was the toy donation.
We had organised for this to happen and what we would do is then seniors would rotate and each morning they would stand in the hall or something and they would collect all the books and toys. To do this we would have to have a guideline of the quality of the toy because we don't want to take in rubbish looking toys.
Once we have collected all of the stuff we would take them to the Salvation Army.
I think this is a good idea because the Salvation Army is always looking for donations.

I participated fully by contributing to all of the ideas and not being rude to others that are talking.
I was also a good role model to the years 4,5 and 6's because I was helping run the meeting with Ryan and Meadow.
I encouraged other to use their CARE values because they were being silly.

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