Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Distinction Evidence Must Do At Tech and On The Bus

Yesterday the year 7 and 8's had tech.
Because bus 2 was a bit late we all had to stand in a single file line on the footpath next to the car park, and show respect, so that all the other parents could get through with no hassle.

On the bus I sat with Kyla and Grace.
I made sure that I was only talking to them because we did not want the bus getting to loud.
When we arrived at tech I quietly walked to the science room.

At science the teacher first told us about what we would be doing. He said we would be doing the coke and mentos challenge and also we would be burning chips.
We all went outside and Jordan got chosen to pull this piece of string which is attached to the bottle that will release the mentos into the bottle of coke.
We got a fountain of coke, but it was sad because the experiment only went for about 30 seconds.

We went back inside and watched a few videos and then we went out for morning tea.

When we came back from morning tea we got all of the equipment for burning chips.
Burning the chips was very fun and we got to find out how much energy was in the different types of chips.

Overall tech went well and we did some very fun things and I can't wait for next week as we are going onto the next group.

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