Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Distinction Evidence Peer Meditation

Today at peer mediation I had a few problems.

The first problem was that a little boy wanted to play with this girl but the girl did not want to play with the boy so they were yelling at each other.
What they agreed on doing is keeping away from each other and apologize to each other.

It was good that I did not have any major problems because then I did not have to get any teacher involved.
I remembered to turn up on time because if I did not then Poppy and Jessica would have to do peer mediation by themselves.

Another problem I had was that two boys were fighting over a ball and had gotten really angry with each other.
What they came up with to solve the problem was to play nicely together with they ball and to apologize.
They both did that and then played a great game of 1 on 1 soccer.

And the last problem was that a boy was throwing bark at people.
The first thing we did was go and get the boy.
Then I heard both sides of the story and then I explained to them what I thought they could do to solve this problem.
They all agreed that the boy would apologize to the other kids and that the boy that was throwing bark would come off the playground and play with his other friends on the field.
The boy went happily off the playground and when I checked in with him just before the end of lunch he said he had a AWESOME lunch playing football.

Overall I think peer mediation went well because we had some little problems and also they were not to hard to deal with.

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