Thursday, 18 February 2016

Merit Evidence Must Do- At Technology and On The Bus

On Tuesday we had tech.
On the bus I sat at the back with Sophie, Kate, Maddy and Taylor
We made sure that we were not talking too loud because we did not want the bus to get too noisy.

Once we got to Lincoln Samara and I walked over to Design.
We had a relieving teacher because Miss Scott was away.
She told us that today we would be making badges out of clay.
We had to put things on our badge that we liked.
We got to choose one main colour for our badge and also two other colours. 
The first thing we did was draw out what we wanted our badge to look like mine had the YouTube play button on it and also a music note as I love to play guitar.
Then we got to actually make our badge.
It was really hard to make the badge because I did not really know how to make one, but my finished product was pretty good.
My finished product was a light blue badge with a red and white play button and a yellow music note.
I really enjoyed making this badge because we got to design it our self.

On the way back I sat at the back again with the same people and I talked to Sophie about what we were going to do at lunch.

The Learner quality that I used was resilience because when we were making the badges I found it hard but I made sure that I never gave up.

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