Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Merit Evidence Must Do- Whole School Assembly

On Monday we had a whole school assembly and Kyla, Jack and I got to host it.

We each got a couple of sections that we had to read.

In this assembly we got two Peer mediators (Taylor and Zach) and two Pals leaders (Scott and Anneke) to present and talk about what Peer mediators do and also what Pals do.
The reason why we did this is for a couple of reasons one is so that the littler kids know what each of them do and also so then maybe they wont get mixed up with Pals and Peer mediators.
We also had a minute of silence for it being 5 years since the 2011 earthquake.

I had a lot of fun hosting this assembly.

The learner quality I used was collaborate because I was collaborating with Kyla and Jack to make sure we got the job done.

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