Sunday, 20 March 2016

Merit Evidence Must do- Technology

On Tuesday I had technology

On the way there I sat with Taylor we talked to each other we had to remind some other people on the bus to make sure they we being quite because it was getting a bit loud. 

Once we arrived I got off the bus and walked to the Design room Grace.
Samara was away so I had to try and finish off making the 3-D printed whale for her but the 3-D printer was not working so I got to help Reia with her pillow.
Then I went outside to see what the boys were making because apparently it is a secret project but I know what it is and then I went to help some other people.

The Care Values I used was Active Thinking because I found something else to do when the 3-D printer was not working I also used Community because I was helping out reia

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