Friday, 4 March 2016

Teaching the little kids new games

Today Taylor and I were lucky enough to go down to the juniors to teach them some possible games that they could play at morning tea.

The games we played were Simon says, duck duck goose, heads down thumbs up and sleeping lions.
We got two groups with three kids each rotation, for the first group the kids we got were super excited to be with Taylor and I that they could not stop giggling a hugging us. We asked what game they wanted to play first they said Simon says, they really liked this game because they could not stop laughing.
We then played a few more games that they really enjoyed.

We then got our next group they also were really excited to be with us.
And yet again they could not stop laughing.
We played the same games with them and they really liked them.

Below are some photos of all of us playing

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