Thursday, 3 March 2016

Merit Evidence Can do- Head Students Leadership meeting

On Monday we had a leadership meeting.
The first thing we did was talk about the book that we are going to read today. Then we read the chapter.
This chapter was about how nobody likes a goody two shoes.
It also talked about how you've got to have equal parts fun and responsibility.
If you have more responsibility than fun you're most likely to come across as a goody two shoes.
But if you have equal part fun and equal part responsibility then you are less likely to be a goody two shoes or get called a goody two shoes.
Then we all split off into our groups I am working with the heads and deputy's.
We then talked about what we need to do to finish off our organisation for our poster competition idea.

The learner quality I used was collaborate because I was making sure I was taking part in the conversation about our idea and I was also putting forward ideas.

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