Monday, 6 June 2016

Excellence Evidence Can do- Kapa Haka #1

On Friday I had kapa haka
We started by doing Hareruia (Hallelujah in maori) and normally Taylor, Polly, Jack and I start the song off but all of them were away so we all just sang it as a group.

After singing that we practised our transitions from song to song and then everyone went and practised there different things like long poi and short poi.

For long poi at the moment we have just been trying to figure out what the order is going to be, after doing that for awhile we all went inside and practised our transitions between songs again and then kapa haka was over but they yr 8 boys and girls got to stay behind and practise what we needed to do so we all stayed behind and just keep going threw the song over and over again.

The care values I was showing was community and active thinking because I was helping everyone out and I was thinking of new actions for the song when we needed them.
I was also showing leadership by helping people out and always staying on task.

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