Monday, 6 June 2016

Excellence Evidence Must do- At technology and on the bus #1

On Tuesday we had technology.
On the bus I sat next to Taylor and we made sure we were only talking to each other and that we were talking quietly.

Once we got to tech we got off the bus and walked to class, I am in wood work.
I had already finished my tray so I decided to help Brooke with hers because she had been away for a couple of weeks.
At morning tea we played tag on the playground.

After morning tea I decided to make some coasters because brooke was nearly finished and she said she didn't need any help.
I worked with Samara and Isabella and we all helped make coasters.

The care value I was showing was community because I helped Brooke with her tray when she had been away for a while.
I was showing leadership by making sure I was not mucking around and was staying on task.

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