Monday, 20 June 2016

Exellence Must Do- At Technology and on the bus #2

On Tuesday we had technology.
On the bus I sat next to Brooke and we made sure we were only talking to each other and that we were talking quietly.

Once we got to tech we got off the bus and walked to class, I am in Science.
We went in, got our books and sat down.
We were making Water Rockets that day. 
We talked for a bit and then we started to make our rockets.

At morning tea we went round to see some other people at design.

After morning tea we kept making our rockets and then once we had finished them we went outside and filled our rockets up with water and got ready to have a competition to see who's rockets went the highest. 

On the way back I sat with Brooke again and we only talked to each other.

I was being a good leader by helping others when the need help and also showing respect. The Care Value and Learner Dispositions I was showing was Active thinking and Question because when I didnt know what I had to do I went and asked the teacher how to do it. 

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