Sunday, 17 July 2016

Excellence Evidence Must Do- Kapa Haka #2

On Friday we had Kapa Haka 

The first thing I did was go and talk to Mr Brown because I wasn't really feeling confident doing the starting part for the poi we then went and talked and he said that I could pick two other girls to do it with me I chose Makayla and Taylor because they had to be people who are next to me. 

After that we went through the whole performance for the cultural festival which is next term (term 3)
Once we went through the whole thing once we went through a few different songs so that we could perfect them. We also did poi quite a few times because we really need to practice it cause we only really just learnt it. 

My favourite song out of the performance is Hareruia because I think it sounds awesome with the 4 of us starting it and then very one else joining in.

I was being a good leader by when Matua was speaking I wasn't and that when we were singing I wasn't being silly and just singing. The care values I was showing was active thinking becaus when I didn't think I could do the starting part of the song I went and talked to Mr Brown and we came up with a solution.  

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