Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Excellence Evidence Can do- Student Council #2

On Wednesday I had Student Council.

At student council we first talked about the expectation of what we need to remember when we are at student council like one person talking at a time, the new three strike rule and also you can only talk if you have the talking piece. 

Then we talked about what we had to go and talk to our classes about which was if their class wanted a pet day and if we had one would anyone bring their pets for a pet talent quest. 
Another thing we also had to ask was if anyone would want to do face painting for the younger kids.
We went around the group and most classes said they wanted a pet day but not that many classes said they wanted the talent quest so we decided that we wouldn't do the talent quest. 
A few people from our class said that they would help do the face painting so that means that could also be something we do. 

Kyla then searched up it the SPCA wanted money or if the wanted pet food. One the website it says they only want money. We then organised when we would have the pet day and we settled for it being in term 4 because term 3 was going to be very busy.

Another thing Mrs Trotter brought up was that a man who lives close to the school said to her that when we are waking to and from school that kids are walking past and putting his dog and that it has actually bitten a kid so he said that he would happily come in aand talk to us all about how to deal with dos and how to approach them. So we thought that it would be a good idea if he came in term 4 to talk to us before the pet day so we all know how to approach anainals especially dogs. 

I was being a good leader because I was making sure I had the meeting user control and that I was running it well. I was also showing community and respect because I was always listening to the person talking and not talking over them. 

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