Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Excellence Evidence- Must do- At technology and on the bus #3

On Tuesday we had tech.
On the bus I sat next to Brooke and I made sure I only talked to her and we weren't talking to loud.

Once we got to tech we got all the equipment we needed and went into the classroom and got our books from the front of the class and went and sat down.
Today we were making slime.
First we talked about the element of the day and also watched the video for that.

After talking for awhile about the element we talked about the science toy of the day.
Then it was time for morning tea so we went outside and played.

After morning tea we started to make slime.
First we watched a few videos about how to make it and then we got all the ingredients and made the slime.
The things we needed for slime are
-Pva glue (only some types work)
-Food Colouring (Optional)
-Glitter (Optional)

First we put the glue and water in the cup and then we mixed that together next we added the food colouring but not to much as it could affect the slime and then the glitter you might want to add a lot because once everything is mixed the glitter will kinda fade.
After that then start to add the borax slowly and start to mix the mixture.
After mixing it for awhile it will start to form a slimy texture and you can then tip it into your hand and start to mold it to form the slime.

The CARE values that I showed were active thinking and respect because I was always thinking of ways to help and contribute to the class and I was also showing respect to the teacher by not talking when he was and I was also showing leadership by always contributing.

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