Thursday, 4 August 2016

Excellence Evidence- Can do- Student Council #3

On Wednesday we had Student Council.
A lot of people were away because it was the say of the winter tournament.

First we did the roll and all the classes turned up which is good because then we didn't have to waste time going to get other classes.

After we did the roll we talked a bit about what the home work from last term was which was what are some future fundraisers the classes would like somethings that came up were something for St John, Salvation Army, Starship Hospital and City Mission.

Then once we had finished talking about that we talked about the Pet day we will be having in term 4 we talked about all the guide lines for bringing your pets to school some of the things you have to have are the animal must me kid friendly, must have be on a leash, in a cage etc and also must have all vaccinations up to date.

The CARE value I showed was Respect because I respected everyone's opinions and I was showing leadership by making sure I was being a good role model and not speaking when other are speaking.

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