Thursday, 6 October 2016

Excellence Evidence- Can do- Student Council #7

On Wednesday I had student council
I made sure that I turned up to it on time and had everything I needed.

The first thing we did at student council was take the roll and then we reminded everyone about the rules and not speaking unless you have the talking piece. 

Today we talked about possible ideas for the playgrounds at Oaklands in the future.  Some of ideas that the group thought of were: having a water fountain on the field instead of having to go all the way back towards the classrooms when thirsty, having a more colourful playground, Having an outdoor learning centre with tables and chairs under shade, a rope climb, a spiderweb and a giant slide that leads to a ball pit.  These ideas were all listed down for Mrs Trotter to take back to the education brief team.

The care value I showed was active thinking as we had to think hard about what would make the playground more exciting, but also practical.   I also was being a good reole model  because I was listening to others and showing respect, and helping run the meeting.

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