Thursday, 6 October 2016

Excellence Evidence- Can do- Student Council #6

On Wednesday I had student council
I made sure that I turned up to it on time and had everything I needed.

The first thing we did at student council was take the roll and then we reminded everyone about the rules and not speaking unless you have the talking piece. 

The first thing we talked about was possible names for the school in the future again because we didnt really know what else we were suppose to talke about, and Mrs Trotter wasnt there to guide us. Some of the possible names that were mentioned from other classes were Ti Kouka School (cabbage tree),Harakeke school (Flax)  becuase the area use to have a lot of cabbage trees and flax bushes and they are culturally significant to the area.  Also things like Pavalova Schoo, Kiwi School, Westlake school.  However most also thought that the current name was the post appropriate. 

After that we talked about the homework which was going to be out of those names which did we like the best.   The class reps were to take the ideas back to their classrooms to ask.

The care value I showed was active thinking as we had to come up with an agenda on the spot for the meeting.  I also was being a good reole model  because I was listening to others and showing respect, and helping run the meeting.

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