Thursday, 6 October 2016

Excellence Evidence- Must do- At tech and on the bus #5

On Tuesday we had tech.
On the bus I made sure that I was quite and that I was only talking to the Brooke who was sitting next to me.
Once we got to tech we went to Mandarin, where we had to do a competition where we had to put the Mandarin numbers in order the quickest and our team won.  I found it quite easy.  
After Mandarin we went back to the cooking room, washed our hands and put our aprons on. We then sat at our benches and did the roll.

This week we got to make whatever we wanted to make to do with the theme Kiwiana.  We chose to make Marmite and cheese pinwheels. Once they were made, we got to taste them. They tasted OK but we had put a bit too much Marmite in them and they were quite strong- Good to know for next time.

After that we had some spare time so we had to make books about kitchen safety.  We got given material on how to not get electric shocks in the kitchen.  We then packed up and got back on the bus to go back to school. Again i made sure I was being quite and only talking to Brooke.  When I got on and off the bus I said "Hi"and "thank you" to the driver.

The care value I was showing was respect for the driver and my teachers in Mandarin and Cooking.  
I was being a good role model at morning tea time by doing the right thing.

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