Thursday, 6 October 2016

Excellence Evidence- Can do- Kapa Haka #4

On Tuesday afternoon we had a practice run for the Cultural Festival at Horncastle Arena.  

On the bus to and from the Horncastle arena I sat next to Taylor and made sure I was only talking to her, and keeping the noise level low, even though we were excited.

At the Arena, we were really early so had lots of time to kill before we were shown around the Arena and told where we had to go on the night.   We made sure we listened to Mr Brown and Mrs Baker and followed their instructions.  

We got to do a very quick run through our four songs, and it was quite scary, as Taylor, Polly and I had to lead the start of Halleluliegh, and it sounded really quite in the huge arena.  We talked about using microphones on the night.  

The rest of the practice was ok, but felt a bit awkward as we had to do it to a recording of the songs and it was at the wrong pace and key.  But it should sound alright on the night as we will have Matua live on stage with us.  I can't wait for the night where we actually get to perform.

The Care value I was showing was Respect because I was listening to Mrs Baker and Mr Brown and the hosts from the Cultural Festival for directions.   I was showing leadership by being a good role model to the younger students and doing the correct actions.

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