Thursday, 6 October 2016

Excellence Evidence- Can do- Kapa Haka #5

On Tuesday night we had the Cultural festival which was really exciting as we have spent all year working towards this night.  I made sure I turned up early, and then I spent about 40 minutes helping retie everyones skirts as the younger girls seemed unsure how to wear them properly.  I was wanting to make sure we all looked good and did the school proud in our Kapa Haka uniforms.

We all had to walk through the Arena, where all the parents and audience where sitting, so I made sure I was being a good role model and acting professionally by walking and sitting quitely and respectfully. 

It was really interesting watching the other Schools perform at the Festival, and also nerve wracking as we werent performing until last.   

I think our performance went really well, and the audience seemed to really enjoy the whole thing.  I am very proud of our school.   One thing that was scary, was having our faces broadcast on the big screen behind us, and knowing we were being recorded close up while we were performing.  But I am really proud of how well we did and it was fun to be able to represent our school.  

The Care values I was showing were Respect, Excellence and Active thinking.  We had to show ourselves off to the best, and think on the spot in front of the audience.  I also showed community as I made sure all our group had their uniforms on correctly and helped those that were having trouble.  I think i was being a really good role model for our school on the night.

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