Thursday, 6 October 2016

Excellence Evidence- Can do- Student Council #4

On Wednesday I had student council
I made sure that I turned up to it on time and had everything I needed.

The first thing we did at student council was take the roll to make sure that all classes were there, and if they werent we sent people to get the two classes who hadnt truned up. 

Then we went over the rules and made sure everyone understood, and that you could only talk if you had the talking piece as we have been having issues with everyone talking over each other or to each other instead of taking part in the group discussion.  

We went over what we talked about last week for homework which was if we were to change the name of the school what would we change it to. Lots of people had gone back to thier classes to talk about it so we had lots of different ideas. We made a list of the ideas and have given this to Mrs Trotter to help with the education brief and future of the school.  

The care value I showed was Active thinking as we reminded all the students about the rules before we started to make the meeting a bit easier. I think i was being a good role model and leader chairing the meeting with Jack.  

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