Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Writing Prove It

Walt: use correct puntuation in my writing

My Career  

My career goal is to be a primary school teacher. There are many reasons why I want to become one such as teaching younger students and I really enjoy working with kids. This means that I think being a primary school teacher is the right choice for me. If I did become a primary school teacher I would have to work with children on a daily basis. The amount I will get payed is $42-$72k per year. There is and average amount of jobs available so I may not get one. To get to this point I will have to get a high school education.

To help me become a primary school teacher I will need to think about what high school subjects I should take. It is recommended to do English, Arts, Maths, Science, Social Studies,any Language and Pe. By taking another language at high school it might be the case that you will be teaching it. Taking English is beneficial because not only you will have to read and write but also it will be presented. When i do go onto tertiary education I will have a greater understanding about the basics

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