Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How my 2015 goals are going

My 3 goals 

My three goals are to participate in school activities, Improve in maths and to be a good role model. 
I think I am Extended Abstract for participating in school activities because I am in as many groups as I can eg. Choir, Kapa Haka, Peer Mediation and many more. 
I think I am Multi structural for maths because in term 2 I learnt a lot of new maths strategies like algorithms and long division. I have now moved onto geometry.
I think I am Extended Abstract for being a good role model because I have been showing my care values around the like when I am on peer mediation and when I am on pals. I have also been a good role model by speaking in assembly about upcoming events for student council.   

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  1. Great goals Hannah, WOW you are participating in alot of activities.