Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Must Do At Tech

At technology on the bus I sat at the back with Meadow, Xnathe, Monique and Grace, I made sure I was being quite because we were at the back and normally the people at the back are noisy. When we got to tech I quietly walked over to the class I was in which was science. The first thing we did at science was learn a bit about magnets. We had to create a cool title page and we also had to draw different types of magnets eg. Bar magnet and Horseshoe magnet. On the bar magnet it has a N and a S on them they stand for North pole and South pole. We all got given a bar magnet and found out that the south and north would attach but the north and north don't attach and vice versa. Me and Jordan  were trying to attach the magnets to our braces but the would not because the magnet would only attach to iron, nickel and cobalt. At morning tea I played this game Sam came up with called Thread. It is when we have this piece of thread and you have to try and place it on someone else. It is basically tag. After morning tea our science teacher then told us that we would have to dissect a greenlip mussel. When we first got the mussel it stunk so much. I found this a bit gross because I don' really like the idea of dissecting something. We then had to do this drawing of the mussel.
Overall I had a good time at tech and I made sure I showed my CARE values.

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