Monday, 20 July 2015

Distinction Evidence At Technology and on the bus

On Tuesday we had Technology.
On the way to technology I sat next to Kyla, This time we had a Metro bus so it was a lot more packed.
The change in type of bus made a difference because some people we almost falling off their chairs and everyone was a lot more louder also because of how small the bus was and once one person started talking loud everyone else started. I made sure Kyla and I sat quietly and only talked to each other.
The first thing we did at science was watch some videos and talk about some planets. Mr Roozen said we would be doing a science experiment on who can ride the skateboard the fastest for 10 metres.
Some people were not so keen on 10 metres so he took it down to 5 metres.
At morning tea I played on the playground as the field was shut.
My friends and I had a good morning tea as we played a game of tag.
When we got back to class we made goop to represent how when you keep it moving is is firm but when it is just sitting on your hand is becomes a liquid. This was a cool experiment as we got to get our hands dirty. 
On the way back to school I made sure I was showing the care values by only talking to the people next to me and not speaking loud or else the bus driver with get distracted.

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