Monday, 20 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Student Council

At student council there was no teacher there to supervise us so we did not have much to talk about.
Ryan and I used our initiative by coming up with things to talk about.

Soccer Goals:
This week we realised that some Soccer goals got put up.
When we got to the meeting we realised that some year 6 student council reps went and talked to their teacher who looks after all the sports equipment. He then went into the sports shed and realised we had some soccer goals. So that the. Solves the problem about soccer goals.
The year 6 reps then said that the teacher wants to put turf underneath the goals.
The problem with having turf underneath the goal is that the boys would then not be able to dive to catch the ball. So I think this could be a discussion about if we changed the turf to maybe artificial grass or maybe even sawdust. 

Toy Donation:
So for the last couple of week we have been talking about having a toy donation for the Salvation Army. What we would do is in the morning parents would bring their old toys and books and then we would see if they are in good enough condition if they are not we would not be able to take them.
We would then take them to the Salvation Army.  

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