Monday, 20 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Kapa Haka and Choir

Disclaimer: This blog post is from term 2 but I forgot to upload it.

Kapa Haka

At Kapa Haka we were practicing for the end of term celebration of learning. I was really excited for this as it would show off all of our great work. The songs that we would  preform were He Honore, Whakataka Te Hau and Pa Mai. We were preforming these songs because they were the songs we knew best.
We also got our positions for how we would be standing. The boys would stand on the stage the year 4-7 girls would stand on the ground and the year 8's would stand on chairs because I am tall me and a couple of other year 7's stand on the chairs with the year 8's.


For choir we were practicing for the end of term celebration of learning. The songs that we would preform at the assembly were Money Money Money and Hallelujah. We have worked so hard this couple of terms for choir so I am super excited to be preforming. We also got where we wold be standing for the assembly. The year 7 and 8's would be standing on chairs on the floor, then the littler kids made a couple of rows behind us on the stage and then the special choir (they are the people that harmonize with the rest  of the choir.

I really enjoyed preforming for choir and kapa haka. It went amazing and I can't wait to preform again. 

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