Monday, 27 July 2015

Distinction Evidence Guitar with Mr M

On Tuesday Jackie, Monique and I had guitar.
The first thing we did was tune our guitars, then we sat down at the music stands ready for our lesson.

The first song we practiced was the 12 Bar Blues this song is very easy to play as we have been practicing this song for awhile.
Then Mr M gave us all a new song it was Hallelujah at first I thought this was a very hard song to play but now it is really easy and I am getting very good at it.
Another song we were playing was Fire flies this song is also very easy.

I showed my care values by showing up on time, being respectful to Mr M and also contributing to all the songs. At the moment my favorite song to play on the guitar is Hallelujah because it is a really cool sounding song and the strumming pattern is really fun to play.
When I first started playing Hallelujah I was really nervous because I thought I would not be able to play this song but now I have worked out how to do it and it is fun.


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