Thursday, 10 March 2016

Merit Evidence Can do- Head Students Leadership Meeting

On Monday we had a Leadership meeting. 
It was at Morning Tea and a couple of the boys weren't able to be there because they had another meeting. 

Mr Ladbrook started off the meeting by talking to us about Integrity and about how all good leaders have Integrity and that you always have to tell the truth no matter what and that you need to be fair and stand up for what is right.

After that we watched a video it was about tips on how to be a good leader.
A few things it told us was to always listen to your conscience and also to always tell the truth even if you think you could get away with a lie.

After talking a bit more about the video we went outside to play.

The learner quality I showed was Communicate because I was contributing to the discussion we had when we were talking about integrity.

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