Thursday, 10 March 2016

Merit Evidence Must do- Technology

On Tuesday we had tech.

On the bus I sat near the back with Taylor.  We made sure that we were not talking too loud because we did not want the bus to get too noisy. We also made sure that the people around us weren't shouting.

When we arrived at Lincoln Primary, I walked to the design room with Samara and once we got there we got out all the resources we needed and then did the roll and then we sat down at the table we normally sit at.

We got told that today we would be designing what we wanted to make for the rest of the time we are in design.
Samara and I are making a 3-D printed whale.
Mrs Scott told us that today she was going to be having a workshop on how to design stuff to send to the 3-D printers. It was really really hard to use this software to make our design so we had to keep trying until we got what we liked.
So for the rest of the time we were there we were trying our best to design our whale.

On the way back from tech I also sat next to Taylor again and like when we were coming to tech we made sure we were quiet.

The learner quality I used was resilience because when Samara and I were trying to make the whale we both found it really hard to make using the software, but we never gave up and kept trying.

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